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We use quality ingredients and homemade sauces to give you the best experience in town –
whether you’re dining or snacking.


Caesar salad with salmon 7,50

Iceberg lettuce, salmon fillet, croutons, Parmesan shavings, Caesar dressing

BBQ ribs 7,00

BBQ ribs, daikon salad, BBQ sauce

Beer tray for two 6,50

Chicken wings, cheese balls, onion rings, salted nuts, pickles, horseradish sauce

Caesar salad with chicken 6,00

Iceberg lettuce, chicken fillet, cherry tomato, croutons, Parmesan shavings, Caesar dressing

Chicken wings 5,50

Spicy or mild chicken wings, horseradish sauce

Cheese selection for two 4,90

A selection of cheeses

Cheese balls 4,00

Deep-fried cheese balls, garlic sauce

Vegetable selection for two 3,50

Daikon, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, horseradish sauce

Garlic breads 2,50

House-baked dark garlic breads, garlic sauce

Onion rings 2,50

Deep-fried onion rings, horseradish sauce

Steak fries 2,00

Crispy baked steak fries, garlic sauce


Salmon soup 5,00

Creamy fish soup with salmon

Solyanka 4,50

Selection of meats, tomato paste, pickles, onion, oliives


Salmon 8,50

Creamy pasta with salmon, onion and leek

Carbonara 6,50

Classic cream pasta with onion, bacon and egg

Chicken and mushroom 6,50

Creamy pasta with chicken and mushrooms


Roger’s steak 16,50

Juicy beef entrecote with smoky sauce and feta salad

Salmon 13,50

Grilled salmon with warm vegetable wok and cream sauce

Grilled teriyaki meat 8,50

Juicy grilled meat in teriyaki marinade with grilled salad, chilli sauce and garlic potatoes

Breaded chicken 7,50

Panko breaded chicken fillet with nut sauce and fresh salad

Fish n chips 6,50

Breaded cod fillet with tar tar sauce and fresh salad

warm side of your choice

french fries / steak fries / vegetables / basmati rice / sweet potato fries


Five meat pizza 8,50

Tomato paste, grated cheese, pulled BBQ pork, chicken, ground meat, salami, bacon, pickles, red onion

BBQ pizza 7,00

Tomato paste, mozzarella, BBQ chicken, smoked cheese, red onion, bruschetta mix, BBQ sauce, arugula

Prosciutto 6,50

Tomato paste, mozzarella, Prosciutto, Parmesan shavings, arugula, oliives

Spicy pizza 6,90

Tomato paste, grated cheese, garlic, tabasco, bell pepper, olives, red chilli

Hawaiian pizza 6,50

Tomato paste, grated cheese, ham, pineapple

Salame pizza 5,90

Tomato paste, mozzarella, salami, tomato, blue cheese, red onion

Three cheese pizza 6,90

Tomato paste, mozzarella, blue cheese, smoked cheese, tomato


Roger Monster 8,50

Brioche bun, pork chop, bacon, fried egg, red onion, Cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, chilli sauce, retro salad, steak fries

El General 7,50

Brioche bun, beef patty, bacon, pulled pork, pickled onion, onion rings, Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, arugula, steak fries

Sergeant 6,50

Brioche bun, beef patty, onion jam, Cheddar cheese, Roger’s pickles, tomato, BBQ sauce, steak fries

Chicken burger 6,50

Brioche bun, panko breaded chicken fillet, grilled bell pepper, Cheddar cheese, blue cheese, BBQ sauce, arugula, lettuce, steak fries

Veggie burger 6,50

Brioche bun, vegetable patty, iceberg lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, red onion, grilled bell pepper, chilli sauce, lettuce, steak fries


Chocolate treat 6,00

Dark chocolate, egg yolk, whipped cream, strong coffee, konjak essents

Roger’s cheesecake 4,50

Cheesecake of the house with raspberry-mint sauce

Berry hat 3,90

Biscuits, whipped cream, quark, berries


Kids’ burger 4,90

Brioche bun, wiener, Cheddar cheese, cucumber, tomato, kids’ sauce, French fries

Kids’ pizza 3,90

Tomato sauce, grated cheese, wiener, tomato, bell pepper

Kids’ pasta 3,90

Creamy ham pasta with grated cheese

Crispy nuggets 3,50

Deep fried chicken nuggets with French fries and kids’ sauce

Fries and wieners 2,90

Wieners with French fries and kids’ sauce

Pancake with Roger’s ice cream 2,90

Milkshake 2,90

Roger’s ice cream with jam 2,50

Pancake with jam 2,50